Origins of LifeFloat

LifeFloat is the happy outcome of my failed attempts to meditate effectively. For years I tried to establish a consistant meditation practice but found it difficult. My mind was a fire hose of thoughts and recollections. I couldn’t find the shut-off valve. On the meditation cushion, my mind seemed to oscillate between hyperactivity and sleepiness, with little peace in between. Then I discovered floating — and the peace, composure, and sanity for which I’d been looking.

Floating not only downshifts the brain but also the entire central nervous system, creating a profound state of calm relaxation in the mind and body. Our culture is embracing Eastern practices such as meditation and yoga, but much of it’s window dressing. Though we Westerners have great intentions, we’re so driven toward activity and motion that we don’t slow down enough, or delve deep enough, to make real changes. Floating naturally brings you into the meditative state of consciousness where internal shifts happen.

“For a while I ran a floatation spa similar to the ones I’d experienced and enjoyed, and I loved it. But on a visit to Germany, I discovered a new and far better style of floating. Right away, I knew I wanted to bring it to Seattle.”

At LifeFloat we pride ourselves on having created an unrivaled floating experience, with expansive float pools that incorporate light and sound, to help bring our clients into a deep state of total relaxation and rejuvenation. I have found floating to be an incredible tool for personal transformation. I hope you will find the same.

Brandon DeCuir – Co-Founder, LifeFloat

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