Deepen Your Self Care Practice with Our Wellness Club

Deepen Your Self Care Practice with Floating & Our Wellness Club

Taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of those around you. Get in the self care practice of making you a priority in 2019 and resolve to dive deeper into your health and wellness by making time for relaxing, resetting, and restoring.

Imagine being able to indulge in self-care such as yoga, infrared saunas, massages and floats on the regular (when you need it!) without breaking the bank. 

Life Float Wellness Club = Super Charged Self Care 

Our wellness club is the perfect opportunity to practice self care, elevate your life and try out other health & wellness services around the city, score special VIP discounts and stay on top of the latest curated wellness products, services, trends in Seattle and beyond while diving deeper into a regular floating practice. This wellness club makes it easy to make self care a priority and makes it easy incorporate self care into your life. 

When you become a LifeFloat member, you’re not just getting discounted floats: There’s way more to this wellness community than you think! We’ve rounded up the best self care spots in Seattle and rolled them into our wellness club. And we are constantly curating new wellness experiences and products just for you!

With our wellness club, you can unlock discounts to some of the best health and wellness services in town!


  • First access to partnership offers & events
  • Surprise Membership Perks
  • Free Floatbook journal when you sign up
  • VIP Invites to special member events
  • One Free 90 Float Upgrade per month (these do not roll over)
  • Unlock Discounted floats ($39)
  • 3-month minimum. 


Enjoy incredible discounts Life Float Members receive as part of your curated wellness experience: 

City Sweats: Get 58% off your first Infrared Sauna session + 20% off Detox and Shape memberships

Bella Fiore Klinik: Get 20% off all services (excluding Naturopathic Medicine visits, PRP, and supplements)
Included: The Shot Bar – customized nutritional injections, IV Nutritional Therapy, Colon Hydrotherapy, Far Infrared Sauna, Neural Therapy, Ionic Foot Bath, Amethyst Biomat

Seattle Neurofeedback: Get 20% off Your First NeuroFeedback Session (normally $250)

GO Physical Therapy: Get a free physical consultation

Jars Juice: Get 10% off all products

ZUM Fitness: Get a free one week trial

The Massage Sanctuary: Get 20% off your first massage

Jeannie Oliver Wellness: Get 10% off Health Coaching Programs

Pursuit of Seattle Concierge: Get first month’s membership dues waived

Rise Regenerative Medicine:  Get 15% off a 5 pack of Trigger Point Injections and 25% off a Hydrafacial, with complimentary B12 shot

Rise Chiropractic: Get first chiropractic visit for $79 (Normally $265) including consultation, exam, and first adjustment.  Buy 5 cupping sessions, and get one free! 

The Grinning Yogi: Get 2 weeks of unlimited yoga plus 10% off packages and memberships.

Trista Dedmon Astrology:  15% off astrology readings and sacred business mentoring.

Seattle Kettlebell Club: 15% off Kettlebell Kickstarter package.

The Sweat Studios:  15% off all pilates classes.

And more to come! We are always looking for the latest wellness leaders in our community to join our club. You’re devoted to living your best, and we’re here to support that!