Pool vs. Pod

We provide our clients with an open, relaxed and personalized experience, focusing on effectiveness, comfort and convenience. Most float centers have “pods” with lids that close, which have been known to feel more claustrophobic to new floaters. In contrast, our open pools are luxurious, spacious, and private, providing an unrestricted floating experience with all of the the key floating benefits. Our private float rooms contain all the amenities you will need for a restorative experience.

“The advantage of floating in a spa rather than a pod is your range of motion, with a larger size tub you are able to spread out like a pancake if you so wish. I am 5’11” at the end of my session I flipped 180 degrees without realizing it.”

– Kevin Tu, Google Review

Rooms Contain

  • Shower
  • Toilet
  • Towels
  • Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash
  • Open, shallow pool
  • Light and Music Controls

What’s in the Pool?

  • Epsom Salt — About 1600 pounds of pharmaceutical Epsom salt create a buoyant Dead Sea-like floating experience that suspends you within 10 inches of water, effortlessly.
  • Water temperature — The water temperature is the same temperature of your skin, so it is hard to tell where your body begins and ends within the water.
  • Noise Controlled — Our rooms are quiet, blocking out any noise so that your senses can be free of distraction. Within the float pool you’ll have access to music, silence or ambient sound, specifically chosen for its ability to assist the mind in downshifting to states of profound relaxation.
  • Reduced Visual Stimulation — Our float pools are equipped with a specially designed lighting system that can help ease the transition from overstimulation to relaxation.

“Life Float is Awesome ! My first floating experience and enjoyed the large open rooms as someone who is 6’6″. I was amazed to feel so calm, centered and grounded but full of energy.”

– James Ardena, Google Review

The Process

Many people experience significant benefits on their first float. However, as with any form of active wellness, the more often and consistently you engage in the pursuit, the better your results. We find that after your second or third float, you’re better able to relax both physically and mentally, and you start to appreciate how awesome floating can be. To ensure you have the best experience, follow the steps below.

Step 1

  1. Arrive 15 minutes before your start time
  2. Check In
  3. At your appointment time, we will walk you to your room and show you everything you need to know

Step 2

  1. Take a quick shower before entering the pool
  2. Enter the pool
  3. Control your lights and music

Step 3

  1. Relax and float away, enjoy your 60-minute restoration
  2. Lights and music will gently turn on signaling when your float is complete

Step 4

  1. Shower, wash hair and get dressed. Your float room will have all the amenities you need
  2. We also have a ready room with a hairdryer
  3. Don’t go yet… relax in our lounge, have a cup of tea and bask in the results of your float

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