Floating for Spiritual Practice

by Trista Dedmon

Floating for Spiritual Practice: I received a gift card to Life Float from my best friend for my 36th birthday. I had heard of the benefits ranging from epic bliss to better than a massage. I was intrigued most by the opportunity to create a sacred space to consort with my Highest Self, and see what wisdom was waiting to be revealed when I was completely alone and without sensory distraction.

Much of my daily life is spent studying and practicing various methods for getting in touch with my spiritual side. As an Astrologer, I’ve also experienced first-hand how tapping into our metaphysical nature can help each person know themselves on a level beyond waking consciousness. 

These kinds of practices require sacred space away from the constant stimulation of modern society. It can become difficult to meditate, relax, and tune in to our own intuitive guidance when we are faced with an endless amount of distractions vying for our attention. 

That first floating experience felt like the physical and energetic relief I had been seeking for so long, and I’ve made it a consistent part of my routine! I consider it to be integral to resetting your consciousness to your highest good. 

The following are some of the benefits of floating alongside your spiritual practice: 

Deeper Meditation

In a modern urban setting, it is rare to be without any ambient light that stimulates our senses. Along with the ongoing noise of traffic and people, it can be difficult to find the proper quiet space for proper meditation practice. 

Floating creates this sacred space effortlessly. Free from sensory distractions, you are easily able to drop in and tune out the chatter in your brain. This will still happen of course, but the fact that a session lasts an hour gets you past that initial hump of “I can’t turn my mind off.” 

Removing yourself from the outside world with a float session promotes the kind of natural inner reflection that can otherwise be challenging with all the demands of a fast-paced lifestyle. 

Physical Relaxation

In most spiritual practices, our physical body is considered the vessel or vehicle that our soul inhabits in this lifetime. It becomes very important to take care of our body to strengthen our spiritual connection.

Floating provides the ultimate physical relation because you are immersed in magnesium-rich epsom salt. The modern diet and lifestyle are very deficient in magnesium, yet it is essential for healthy muscles, nervous system, and a host of other physical benefits. 

Also, the simple act of floating is a practice in letting go. How many other times are we able to just relax and not think about holding or moving our body? This frees up psychological space to go deeper inward. When our body is relaxed, we go with the flow of life easier instead of resisting or running from discomfort.

Strengthen Intuition

You have all the answers you need within you, but modern life can block or distract us from this internal guidance system. Many spiritual practices like meditation and mindfulness have the goal of getting us in touch with our intuition, that part of us that navigates life based on feelings rather than pure cognitive faculties. 

The act of floating in water helps us to remember that we are part of the larger flow of the Universe. I’ve found after floating my heart is more open and I’m more receptive to life, approaching it with a softness that can get buried in a day-to-day routine. 

If you are working through a problem or trying to make a decision, it can be helpful to set the intention to solve this before your float starts, then let it go and surrender your conscious mind. I recommend taking the rest of the day off to reflect on the experience and journal anything that came up for you during your float. 

Align With Natural Cycles

Our ancestors lived their lives according to the cycles of the Moon and other cosmic bodies. Many have lost touch with this practice, but thankfully it is resurfacing along with other forgotten spiritual practices. 

One of my favorite ways to use my floats is during the time of the New Moon for manifestation. The Moon is the darkest at this phase and, as it waxes up to the Full Moon phase, helps attract what we desire into our lives. Floating during this time is a great way to check-in with yourself and clarify what needs to be released to create space for the new!

Floating within a couple of days of the New Moon is an excellent way to set an intention for the upcoming lunar cycle. Before your float, ask your intuition or guidance to make you aware of what needs to be let go of, and help you set an intention for manifesting what is for your highest good. 

These are only some of the benefits of floating that I’ve observed as a spiritual practitioner. I encourage you to give it a try yourself and see what opens up for you! 

Trista Dedmon is a Seattle-based astrologer and host of the Liberate Your Self podcast. Find out more about her work at www.tristadedmon.com.