How do we Clean our Water?

This is definitely the question we get asked most by guests. Understandable! No one wants to worry about germs while engaged in a practice designed for relaxation. We’d like to share our cleaning practices in full transparency so you can rest (and float) assured that we are keeping our facility as clean and safe as possible.

First, our water is recycled. While our pools drain after each session, those 300 gallons of water and 1500lbs of epsom salt aren’t being flushed away. That would be a VERY unsustainable business! The water goes through a multi-phase filtration cycle and into a holding tank before the next session.

Step 1: Filtration

The water is run through a 1 micron felt bag filter on its way to the holding tank. One micron is the smallest/tightest weave of mesh on the market and is equivalent to one one-thousandth of a millimeter. These bag filters, changed weekly to every two weeks depending on occupancy, catch and contain the majority of all contaminants.

Step 2: UV Light

The water also passes through a chamber where it is sanitized by being exposed to UV light.  When water passes through Type-C ultraviolet rays (electromagnetic waves ranging from 200-280 nanometers), all microorganisms are destroyed. UV light is considered the best disinfectant for pools. 

Step 3: Hydrogen Peroxide

Additionally, we keep our pools safe using pumps that drop hydrogen peroxide into the water in the holding tanks continuously. We keep the levels of hydrogen peroxide at a generous 80-100ppm (the industry standard is 50-70ppm). These levels are tested daily, as per health department guidelines to ensure it is continuously at the proper levels. 

The combination of UV light and hydrogen peroxide is twice as effective at killing microorganisms as chlorine. The UV light converts the hydrogen peroxide into highly reactive hydroxyl radicals, which then decomposes any remaining substances. This also ensures that no dangerous byproducts or “chlorine” scents are emitted from the water while guests are floating.  

Step 4: Salt

As you can imagine,1500lbs of medical-grade epsom salt in each pool not only keeps you buoyant but also serves as a power disinfectant in and of itself. 

As always, if you have any questions about our cleaning practices, please don’t hesitate to ask!