Stress Less During the Holidays!

Stress Less Santa

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who look forward to the holidays and are thrilled when they first spot the decorations at their local store, and then some know that the moment the last piece of Halloween candy disappears, so does any semblance of sanity. Do you want to stress less during the holidays?

Inevitably though, even those who love the holidays end up feeling the stress. There’s so much to do! From finding the perfect gifts to hosting and attending parties to making travel plans to visit family. It’s exhausting and expensive. 

Here at LifeFloat, we strive to help our guests cope with life’s stresses. Whether they are big or small, and the holiday season is no exception. That’s why we’ve compiled some tips on how to stress less during the holidays. 

Floating more = Less Stress!

You knew that was coming, right? We know that people with regular floating practices cope with stress and anxiety better (hence helping you stress less during the holidays). Like meditation and yoga, floating downshifts the nervous system. Your nervous system shifts from the regular fight-or-flight response that we live in most of the time to a calm and grounded state. The more you do it, the more your brain falls into the routine of being relaxed. Floating can also serve as a sweet reprieve from demanding family time, should you need some peace and quiet. Not only do we encourage floating after high-stress activities like gift shopping, but we also think floating makes the perfect gift for almost anyone on your list. So pop in for a float and get your shopping done at the same time by picking up some gift cards!

Delegate, delegate, delegate!

It’s really important to ask for help. To ease your holiday to-do list, we encourage you to enlist the help of family, friends, and even professionals. LifeFloat wellness partner Pursuit Concierge is here to make this season go smoothly. They can take care of planning your party, picking up your gifts, hiring decorators, or even booking your dinner reservations and travel plans. By employing a service like this, you free up more time to spend with family enjoying holiday activities…which we are pretty sure is what this season is all about.

Indulge…in moderation.

There’s a good reason why millions of people go on a diet and join a gym at the first of the year. The holiday season is full of delicious temptations, and it is easy to overdo it. We would never tell anyone to avoid their favorite holiday treats but set an intention to make them just that: an occasional treat. By not over-indulging, you’ll keep up your energy and focus so that you can truly be present to all the joys the season has to offer. Are you looking for a health coach to help you stress less during the holidays? Jeannie Oliver is another highly recommended wellness partner, and she offers discounts on her services to our members.

Keep up your Self-Care Routine for even less stress.

In addition to floating, make sure you make time to do whatever relaxing activities typically support your life. It’s so easy to neglect your routine during busy times, but we encourage you to prioritize your wellbeing. Whether it’s regular trips to the gym or the occasional massage, take care of yourself out there! LifeFloat members get TONS of support from our wellness partners, so remember to take advantage of those discounted services. 

We wish you peace and joy this holiday season and always.