Benefits of Floating Therapy



Mental housekeeping

With the onslaught of stimuli in today’s world, the ability to simply turn it all off and mentally calibrate ourselves is crucial. It’s a noisy, demanding world that can throw you off balance. LifeFloat is the place to recalibrate, to let go and get back to your best self. Floating uses light and sound selectively, shutting out the busyness of your daily life, quieting your brain and calming your nervous system. The benefits of floating are endless, including increased alertness, creativity, improved mood and feelings of general well-being.

“After 15 minutes I sunk into a deep relaxation state, and felt my stress melt away. I was a bit apprehensive to see the lights coming back on, as I wanted to spend even more time in the saltwater.”

– Chris V, Yelp Review

Floating Therapy Icon


Put gravity on hold

Floating in 1600 lbs. of Epsom salts creates a highly buoyant floating bed that fully supports you, effortlessly releasing your body of its own weight from head to toe. Free of any physical duties, your body can truly rest, producing lasting physical benefits, including lowering of blood pressure, lowering cortisol levels, relieving joint and chronic pain, improving sleep patterns and calming of the nervous system. For athletes, regular floating therapy has been found to increase critical recovery time and athletic accuracy, both central to high performance.

“During my float I was able to achieve a real sense of well being and deep state of relaxation which, in turn, led to pain reduction which stayed with me for days. All of that is difficult to achieve when you have multiple sclerosis! I am also claustrophobic and that was not at all an issue during the float.”

– Cathy, Swedish Hospital Adventure Group

Floating Meditation


Live aware

When was the last time your mind was truly clear—unencumbered by stress? Floating produces some of the same neurological states and physiological changes in the brain that have been documented in meditators with over 10,000 hours of meditation practice. With a calm and centered mind, everything improves—your senses get honed, your thinking becomes clearer and you can live and work from a state of presence and acute focus. Many relate floating therapy to being back to a state of mindfulness not experienced by adults since they were young children.

“The float was amazing it was so relaxing and meditative.”

– Lara Baca, Google Review

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