The LifeFloat Difference

We know we’re not the only float game in town. In fact, we are delighted that floating is becoming more popular.  After all, we believe that if everyone floated, the world would be a better place.

So what makes LifeFloat different than other float spas?

We have custom-built, expansive 8’x10’ open-air pools in every room.

There’s no “best” room. They are all designed to ease you into a relaxed state without the fear of claustrophobia or stagnant air that comes with being under a lid.  You can stand up in our pools and not hit your head (unless you are a giant). You can stretch your arms out, spin around, all while not worrying about heavy condensation on your face that can result from an enclosed tank.

Is it still sensory deprivation, even though you’re not in a pod? Yes!

You can still choose to float in total silence and darkness for the full sensory deprivation therapy experience.  Of course, there are lights and music options for those who don’t want that experience.

You get a whole private float suite.

Everyone gets their own toilet, shower and pool, all in one room. That means you don’t have to exit the room to use separate facilities before, during, or after your float. It’s this kind of small comfort that makes a big difference in the overall experience.

We have a legit ADA room.

To accommodate our disabled guests, we offer one room that is fully ADA compliant.  It features a pool with a lower, larger entrance and wider ledge for getting in and out with ease. There are extra handrails for support. The room is also wheelchair accessible, and comes with a shower wheelchair for those who need it.

We don’t use chlorine.

This might be a controversial one, but for us, there’s no question. There’s conflicting information out there, reporting everything from chlorine being totally benign to being a dangerous endocrine disruptor.  We want to be a safe space for our chemically-sensitive guests, so instead we use hydrogen peroxide, UV light, and a state-of-the-art filtration system. Our pools drain after each session and go through the full filtration process so that your water is getting cleaned three ways between every float. 

We have a whole community of wellness partners who want to give you discounts. 

LifeFloat members are more than just avid floaters. They tend to take their self care very seriously.  That’s why we’ve teamed up with a growing list of local wellness businesses to help them achieve their health goals. From yoga to chiropractic to infrared saunas, our Wellness Club supports our members by offering them reduced fares on incredible services.

We have an AMAZING staff.

We aren’t sure if this is any different than the other spas, but we like to brag about it anyway. 

Come see for yourself!